Our ability to keep your books gives you the opportunity to not only produce interim statements for your management team but also to provide, upon request, analysis that may enable your organization to improve its operational effectiveness and move to the next level.
If you are considering the conversion of your current bookkeeping and record keeping systems to QuickBooks, we can assess your system's needs and introduce control and credit policies as well as train your staff for a complete and seamless conversion.

We are very comfortable working with accounting and tax professionals and can provide them with the information they need in the form they require to enable them to give you the advice you require.

Bookkeeping services are separate from consulting and advisory services and are not bundled but can be offered together if requested.

Finance & Acquisition
We are here to help you make better and more well-informed decisions. Whether it is the sale of an existing asset or the decision to grow--either organically or by acquisition--we can analyze the situation and give you the advice to make the right decisions.  Often the execution of these decisions requires the input and advice of a team of professionals. We are accustomed to working with lenders, lawyers, tax professionals and financial planners and can coordinate their input for the best outcome for the client.

If you are looking at financing/refinancing strategies or are considering taking on equity partners, we can help you measure the short and long term costs of your alternatives. It is our job to know not only which financial instruments are appropriate for your transaction but also the institutional, private and public funding sources available in the marketplace and to advise you as to which options provide the best fit for your organization.

Asset Disposition
For those owners of businesses looking to shed assets or those looking to retire, we can help you develop and execute a realistic exit plan to take advantage of the markets. We can advise you in getting your operations in order, developing a "normalized" cash flow  forecast for valuation purposes and can advise you on the business aspects of  legal issues that may arise during the sale. Our goal is to help you get the best value for your business.

Strategic Planning
If you find that your organization may be operating effectively and efficiently but that its profitability growth  is declining as gross revenues increase, it may be appropriate to re-examine its strategic plan. We will help you put together a plan that is consistent with your organization's strengths and the realities of the marketplace. Our analysis is based on a review of your industry and includes an analysis of your customers, suppliers, competition, potential entrants into your markets and substitute products and services. In addition, we will help to ensure that the activities and functions within your operation are consistent with and reinforcing one another and consistent with the strategic plan.The ultimate goal is to formulate and execute a plan that will give your organization a sustainable strategic advantage that provides a degree of structural protection from competition within its industry.

Business Plans
If you are an existing business contemplating the introduction of a new product line or are an entrepeneur looking to start a new business, we can prepare a business plan for you which can be used to seek financing for the enterprise.


BA  Economics, Dartmouth College
MBA  with a concentration in Finance and Entrepeneurship, Northeastern University

Extensive experience in the areas of real estate acquisition and disposition, project and corporate finance, budgeting and forecasting and project management

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